August 28, 2019

LAKE LIFE WKND 035 We spoke to Allen Arvig about building a regional communication company in Lakes Country which truly has a great impact on our lives while enjoying lake life. Being connected to the world through the internet is an expectation we have nowadays. Right? But how does that work and who built all the necessary infrastructure? We are streaming video and uploading pictures to our social platforms on the weekend through fiber optic and are connected to world better than ever before. Well, Allen Arvig and his family has played a key role since 1950 in order for us to enjoy all of that in the lakes area. Hear to the full interview and find more lake life stories on our daily updated website #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife

Established in 1950, Arvig has grown from a small, family-owned telephone company to one of the largest independent telecommunications and broadband providers in the nation. Over the past 70 years, the company’s leaders have been progressive risk-takers, delivering cutting-edge technology to residential and business customers. Reinvesting in technology and network operations allow us to continue to deliver next-generation communications services to a growing number of communities throughout Minnesota.